Simple & affordable smart home security

Smart Home Devices

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Control Panel

Hub & Keypad

Every RBM system comes with a control panel hub. This is where everything connects, making it easy to manage your home.

Security Sensors

Sensors that protect your home from burglars & intruders and that monitor your doors and windows. If someone breaks in, the alarm will sound and you’ll be alerted.

Door Sensor
Motion Sensor
Dual Tech Motion Sensor
Curtain PIR
Shock Sensor

Safety Sensors

Added safety for panic alarms, fires, or medical emergencies.

Smoke Detector
Panic Button

Keypads & Keyfobs

Increased security & convenience for your home that allows for a seamless experience.

Wireless Keypad
App Access

Video & CCTV

Stay aware and assured with smarter cameras that show you precisely what you want to see.

Video Doorbell
Outdoor Camera
Indoor Camera


Extra deterrents to help reduce the chances of a burglary.

Hex Siren
Rectangle Siren
Indoor Siren

Lifetime Warranty

As part of our ‘all inclusive promise’ all devices, whether they need fixing, repairing, or even replacing, are covered.

24/7 Protection

When my friends come over to my house they ask me why I need this kit when I have them, the answer is simple because it’s 24/7 Care.

Mr McCourt, Portsmouth